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When your company needs affordable used pallets for sale, choose us. Charlotte Pallets Plus carries the best products and prices in Charlotte, NC.

Used Pallets for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

Eventually, every business owner finds themselves searching for used pallets for sale. These pre-owned shipping containers offer tons of cost savings over newer ones.

There are also many different industries throughout Charlotte, NC, who all need them. Thankfully, you can always rely on us to carry the used wood pallets that you need, when you need them.

Charlotte Pallets Plus offers affordable shipping containers that won’t quit. Even our quality pre-owned wood pallets are guaranteed to make their trip to the end.

Whether you rely on wood containers for storage or for logistics, we carry the best selection. Find your best savings possible by ordering your used wood pallets from us.

The Best Used Pallets for Sale Charlotte, NC

When you intend to purchase pre-owned shipping products, you expect them to perform well. Unfortunately, not all used wood pallets receive the same care that we offer them.

We believe that the best shipping products are the ones that last as long as new ones do. Your inventory deserves a better source of protection while out on the road.

That is why every one we sell is thoroughly inspected for any signs of aging. If we can’t rebuild it to meet our specifications, we won’t sell it.

All repairs and refurbishments are performed by using sustainably sourced and durable pallet lumber. Buy your most reliable shipping containers now and place your next order with us.

Why Buy Used Pallets for Your Inventory?

Wood pallets are one of the most sustainable containers available, but only when others contribute. Purchasing used products means maintaining their availability through recycling and refurbishments, keeping them sustainable.

Used pallets also offer substantial cost savings when new units aren’t necessarily required. That is especially true of one-way trips where they might be disposed of after use.

The more that these pallets are used, the more we can recycle them. That keeps them sustainable within the Charlotte area without having to import them.

All of our reconditioned containers are rebuilt using only quality pallet lumber. Do your part and save money by purchasing used pallets from us.

Why Choose Us for Used Pallets for Sale?

The best thing about choosing pre-owned wood pallets is their versatility. Not only do they cost less, but they can be customized as well.When you need an irregularly sized container, you can rely on us. You can also order a variety of different pallet dimensions and grades.No matter what your specific storage and shipping needs are, we offer affordable solutions. Choose us for a wide range of used wood pallets, such as:

Premium Used Pallets

Standard Used Pallets

Grade B Pallets

Ecosystem Threats

Custom Dimensions

Pallet Add-Ons

Used Heat-Treated Pallets

Free Used Pallet Quotes

We also offer affordable pickup and haul-off service, as well as pallet recycling. See why we are the responsible choice for all your pallet purchases.

Used Pallets for Sale Near Me in Charlotte, NC

You can discover a variety of different companies in the area and they all need affordable wood pallets. That is why we offer the products you need at low costs.

Whatever your shipping needs are, we always have the containers your products deserve. Whether they make one-way trips or repeat journeys, we sell the best pre-owned products around.

From standard shipping containers to customized orders, you can rely on us for them all. Once you can’t use them anymore, contact us to retrieve and recycle them.

Whatever concerns you have for your merchandise, we always have a practical solution available. Contact us at Charlotte Pallets Plus now for your best selection of affordable used pallets.

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