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Pallet Removal Service

When your Charlotte, NC, business needs pallet removal services, you can rely on us. Charlotte Pallets Plus offers the best solutions at low costs.

Pallet Removal Services Near Me in Charlotte, North Carolina

When your business operates long enough, you start collecting damaged and worn-out shipping containers. Without finding a nearby pallet removal service company, your company’s shipping area becomes cluttered.

With so many different brands and industries in Charlotte, NC, it’s vital to find providers. Luckily, you can rely on us to haul off any unwanted pallets you have.

In addition to affordable products, Charlotte Pallets Plus offers pallet removal services. We accept, recycle, and dispose of any number of wood containers you have lying around.

No matter what condition your pallets are in, we accept them all. Stop letting clutter stack up around your facilities and call us for removals.

The Best Pallet Removal Service in Charlotte, NC

Some companies advertise that they take pallets, but they want them to be perfect. When yours have cracks, broken slats, and have started splintering, they refuse to take them.Instead, we offer reliable pick up, haul-off, and recycling for any wood shipping containers. When you see broken pallets taking up space, we clear them all away fast.Whatever your company produces or ships, we take any discarded pallets you are warehousing. Free up room in your storage areas or manufacturing centers now and call us for:

Wood Pallets

Wood Crates

Block Pallets

Stringer Pallets

Wood Boxes

Partial Pallets

Broken Containers

Wood Dunnage

Scrap Pallet Wood

Wood Package Products

And other supplies

If you have pallets taking up too much space at work, we can help. Fight back against cluttered facilities and hire us for pallet removal services.

Why is Pallet Removal Important for My Business?

Even when one company has pallets appropriately removed, it’s a win for everyone. Wood shipping containers rely on recycling to keep them sustainable and affordable.

Pretty much every pallet in circulation today has some recycled components, even in newer units. This helps to eliminate the need for new lumber to be sourced.

Fewer new wood products means fewer trees being chopped down, benefiting the environment. These durable materials see tons of use, so they can be repurposed in many different ways.

Even containers that can no longer safely be used may still become other products. Do your part to keep wood pallets a green shipping product and choose us for recycling.

Why Choose Us for Your Pallet Removal Service?

As your full-service wood pallet company, we handle containers at every stage and condition. No matter how badly broken your products are, we will take them.

Our team offers professional recycling to strip down and reuse pallet wood. That way, we can repurpose and refurbish any containers that can still work.

Especially sturdy lumber can be repurposed for custom dimensions and durable pallets. Whatever your business needs, we offer the best solutions every day.

Whenever you need to free up space around your shop, choose us for pallet removal. Our team is waiting to collect all of your unwanted shipping containers.

The Best Pallet Removal Service Near Me in Charlotte, NC

We know it isn’t always simple to find a company that removes unwanted pallets. That is why we continue to offer better solutions for local business owners every day.

Whether you need to purchase wood pallets or remove them, we manage it all. It’s how we keep your costs low no matter the size of your order.

Choosing us also means avoiding common scams by those looking for a quick buck. We only offer affordable products and reliable services when you need us most.

Why continue collecting broken containers when you have us on your side? Choose Charlotte Pallets Plus for pallet removal services.

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