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When it’s time to find pallet recycling “near me,” choose the best company in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte Pallets Plus keeps recycling simple every day.

Pallet Recycling Near Me in Charlotte, North Carolina

You didn’t imagine you would ever need to look for pallet recycling “near me.” However, after the last shipment arrived, you found your facility covered with broken wood containers.

Now you need a convenient source for recycling in Charlotte, NC, for your business. Luckily, you can count on us to dispose of them all correctly.

Whether you hire us for pickup service or want to drop them off, choose Charlotte Pallets Plus. We keep your wood containers sustainable and affordable every day.

Every time you use our services, it keeps another pallet out of the landfill. Do your part to keep wood pallets sustainable and choose us for recycling services.

The Best Pallet Recycling Near Me Charlotte, NC

The best pallet recycling services are the ones performed sustainably versus junk removal processes. Rather than throwing your old shipping containers away, they can have other uses.

Most pallets in circulation currently use at least some recycled components. Home décor and furnishings that advertise repurposed lumber likely use them as well.

Our used wood pallets rely on recycling to keep them durable and affordable. They perform like new because we only use the best repurposed containers we can find.

When you need to know you are doing your part for the environment, call us. We offer the best pallet recycling solutions, as well as affordable new and used products.

What is Pallet Recycling, and How is it Done?

There are many ways to recycle wood pallets, but they all rely on separating the components. By dividing which containers can and can’t be reused determines how many are refurbished.

When the damage is limited to specific parts, they can frequently be repaired and resold. Others that are too far deteriorated become further separated by wood and metal pieces.

Screws, nails, staples, and other metallic parts are processed at scrap recycling plants. The broken lumber, on the other hand, becomes other products like dunning and mulching.

Some of the processes are performed manually while machinery speeds along other responsibilities. This is why we’re your number one source for pallet recycling throughout the Charlotte area.

Why Should I Recycle My Used Pallets?

If no one recycled their old pallets, it would mean cutting trees down for replacements. Most recycled containers will continue to return to service, with only a few becoming unusable.

Not only does this help to save everyone involved money, but resources as well. The fewer trees that are sourced, the less water is needed to farm them.

That offers considerable reductions in your operation’s environmental impact, while also limiting carbon emissions. Pallet recycling is good for the planet and your wallet, making it a necessity.

When you’re ready to do your part, contact us for pallet recycling services. We guarantee sustainable efforts to maintain affordable pricing for Charlotte, NC, business owners.

The Best Source for Pallet Recycling Near Me in Charlotte, NC

No matter what dimension, grade, or type of wood pallets you have, we recycle them all. Each one is carefully inspected to determine its highest grade and best use.

Whether they go on to create other shipping containers or different products, recycling is vital. Without it, the prices of pre-owned pallets would skyrocket from having to purchase new lumber.

Choosing us for your recycling needs means never needing to worry about sustainability efforts. Our experienced staff knows what to do to get the most from every container.

Whether you have too many, damaged pallets, or need to free up space, we can help. Choose us at Charlotte Pallets Plus today for reliable wood pallet recycling near your shop.

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