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Do you find yourself asking where to buy pallets “near me?” Charlotte Pallets Plus offers you the best selection of shipping containers in Charlotte, NC.

Where To Buy Pallets Near Me

Where to Buy Pallets Near Me in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Business owners ask themselves every day where to buy pallets “near me?” While you have options in Charlotte, NC, not all providers are worth your time.

Whether they don’t have a great selection or their prices are too high, you need choices. That is where we come in with the best inventory of shipping containers around.

Charlotte Pallets Plus is where to buy pallets from, no matter your type of company. Whatever your brand does, we provide the reliable products you need the most.

Whether you have items to transport, store, or move somewhere else, choose our products. We always have the best selection of wood pallets offered throughout the city.

Where to Buy New Pallets Near Me Charlotte, NC

For some operations, nothing but new wood pallets will suffice to keep products safer. Glass items, delicate merchandise, and even lab equipment all need better protection.

We offer the durable shipping containers you need most, and at low costs. We guarantee the perfect fit for shipping, storage, and local transportation.

Even heavy equipment items can remain free from damage when kept properly. If it’s too expensive to replace, then it’s worth the added care offered by us.

If used containers don’t offer enough protection, our brand-new ones will. Contact us now to begin your order for new wood shipping pallets.

Where to Buy Used Pallets Charlotte, NC?

Used wood pallets offer significant cost savings when compared to purchasing new ones. While there are instances where brand-new containers work best, pre-owned can also perform well too.

However, not all pallet suppliers offer used containers that you can depend on. When they wear out and fail while in use, it only ruins your inventory and costs you money.

You can rely on us for durable used wood pallets that are sold at low costs. If new containers are too pricey for your needs, we offer a better solution.

Why spend more than you need to on shipping products when you have us? Contact us now to place your order for affordable wood pallets that last.

Where to Buy Heat-Treated Wood Pallets Near Me

ISPM-15 regulations mandate having heat-treated wood pallets for international shipping in compliance with the WTO. That effort is an attempt to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases in ports.However, locating heat-treated pallets for sale isn’t always as easy to find as other types. Thankfully, we always have the shipping containers you need most at affordable prices.Wood export products around ¼-inch thick need to reach core temperatures around 135-degrees. The lumber needs to be heated for at least half an hour to prevent spreading:

Ants and Termites

Bacteria and Germs

Bed Bugs and Larvae

Ecosystem Threats

Microscopic Parasites

Mold and Mildew

Non-Native Plant Species

Viruses and Diseases

Our heat-treated wood pallets are fully compliant and ready for your order. Contact us now to keep your international shipping needs straightforward on every trip.

The Best Wood Pallets for Sale Near Me in Charlotte, NC

We know it isn’t always easy to find the exact wood pallets you need most. That is why we maintain a variety of different shipping containers, all at affordable pricing.

No matter what you need to transport or its destination, we have your ideal products. From pre-owned pallets, brand-new ones, and heat-treated units, we carry them all.

We maintain our selection using sustainable recycling methods and through local purchases. Choosing our products means never worrying about business practices that are unsafe for the environment.

Order the best wood pallets from us and for the best deals around. Charlotte Pallets Plus always carries your preferred shipping products.

We'd love to work with you.

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